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We help couples find their own solutions. Mediation is not suitable in every case.

Mediation can be considered at any stage (including before issuing court proceedings) if both parties are open to the principle of compromise with the assistance of an impartial third party – the Family Mediator.

By choosing this voluntary process, parties may avoid the cost and emotional stress of court proceedings. Successful mediation is almost invariably considerably less expensive than any legal process.


Nancy is a member of Resolution and the Family Mediation Council. 

In mediation, our personal advice facilitates a dialogue between parties, seeking to clarify issues and explore options which could meet the individual’s and their family’s needs. Our role is to support both parties throughout the process and work towards achieving a resolution which is acceptable to everyone involved.

Where mediation is successful, the agreement reached can be made into a legally binding document, if the parties so choose.

Nancy offers:

  • Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM): this is a preliminary information meeting regarding process options available to resolve matters out of court;
  • Facilitative mediation: Nancy facilitates neutrally and in a mutual way the negotiations between the parties;
  • Hybrid mediation: this process is where the parties’ lawyers, when instructed, may have a more active role in the mediation process. This process is often suitable to empower potentially vulnerable clients.


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We help couples find their own solutions through mediation, seeking to avoid the need for court proceedings. Further we seek to resolve financial disputes, including property related matters, and those involving children, such as child arrangements and parental communication.